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Huanying! Welcome! Hello. We are advertising's birthday party 0nline in Malaysia. We provide varieties items as a gift. Organize your Birthday Party, Wedding, Dinner, Surprise Party, Welcome Party and etc at ease now!. We're offering everybody convenience to choose online rather than wasting valuable time trap in crazy traffic, maze parking lot, bad weather, long que and at an end, come up with an empty hand... We offer item delivery straight to your door step! The best thing is that we give u the best price!!! Much lower than Hypermarket, Shops and etc. See all the item for your self. If U like it give me an order ya.

Guys jangan lupa baca Terma dan Syarat Pembelian ok!
Please guys, don't forget to read the Term and Conditions ok!

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Pengumuman/ Announcement

Kepada semua pembeli terhormat, bagi melicinkan proses urusan jual beli, yang terbaik dilakukan adalah melalui email dan setelah proses pembayaran dilakukan mohon dimasukkan email untuk rujukan dan sms rujukan dan nama (nama seperti email) sebagai makluman namun order melalui kaedah SMS masih lagi diterima. Terima Kasih

To all valuable customer, for the best business transition, advisably to use an email and after payment made please put as email reference and SMS (detail + reference number and name same as in email) for acknowledgement. aipartyntoys still accept order trough SMS. Thanks

"Buy Gold" for your investment!

Kain Cotton Murah, Silk, Tudung, Telekung dll Borong atau Retail! Jom berniaga!

Kain Cotton Murah, Silk, Tudung, Telekung dll Borong atau Retail! Jom berniaga!
ai Love Kain

Blank Ballons

Tebal dan sangat sesuai untuk diisi gas Helium, Quite thick and appropriate to fill the Helium Gas.

21 differences of color available!!!

Price : RM 3.50 / 10 pcs, (pack of 10 for every color)
may combine at minimum by 5 pcs at
every color group. thanks

RM4.00 / 10 for shine balloons

Black - Code Product B 011(temporarily out of stock)
Gold - Code Product B 012 (temporarily out of stock)
Pink - Code Product B013
Deep Red - Code Product B014
Lite Blue - Code Product B015 (temporarily out of stock)
White - Code Product B016 (temporarily out of stock)
light yellow- Code Product B017
orange - Code Product B018
Purple - Code Product B019
Cream - Code Product B020
Dark Green Shine- Code Product B021
Light Green - Code Product B 022
Deep Blue - Code Product B 023
Grey - Code Product B 024
Brown-Code Product B 025
Banana Leaf Green - B 026
Peanut Butter - Code Product - B 029
Blue Shine - Code Product - B 030
Silver - Code Product B 031 (temporarily out of stock)
Lite Purple - Code Product B032  NEW
Dark Purple Shine - Code Product B 033  NEW 
Pink Shine - Code Product B 034 NEW